Why your business should be on Instagram

Remember when people used to “google it”? Well, although the term “Instagram it” is not commonly used, it’s

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definitely commonly done! In a time where Instagram became the rising star for the last couple of years, with almost 96% of internet users in Kuwait using social media, the importance of having an account for your business became undeniably important.




Instagram lets you humanize your brand. It makes the client feel like he’s talking to a real person behind the account. This helps you engage with your people and gives them a sense of trust.

Business accounts make it easier for your customers to find you with a quick call button and directions button, you can imagine how important this is for today’s fast paced world!

Besides allowing businesses to visualize their communication with their clients and show their artistic side, Instagram allows Business accounts to get easy insights on views, likes, impressions, shares etc.

Business can also know the best posting times and most popular posts with the highest engagement and learn more about the nature of their audience for better targeting in the future.

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