Miniso Kuwait Case Study


Background of the Campaign?

On August 30th, 2018, Miniso has launched their grand opening for their first store in Kuwait, in the Avenues Phase 4. Miniso, is a Japanese based international brand.

Totals was the official marketing partner with Miniso to execute multiple advertising and marketing channels and modems, coupled with the opening event, awareness campaign. A Variety of platforms were used to market and announce the Miniso’s opening in Kuwait Totals has covered all the needed platforms to maximize the awareness.

What were the Campaign Objective? What was the Solution?

We created a campaign under the caption “Reflect your lifestyle”. Along with an Opening event with attraction activities to attract the footfall to the store location and into the store.

They needed to raise awareness of the store being in Kuwait and interact with the target audience to visit and attract footfall. Maximum engagement was needed on a modest budget. The Campaign included Online Digital Ads, Social Media Ads, Youtube Ads, Outdoor Unipoles, Busses, video Ads, inĀ  Mall Advertising, and Megas.

Examples of these efforts are the pictures below:





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